Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Basics

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Basics

We have teams that will perform their cleaning services 100% green. Please inquire and request this specific service, and we’ll assign a green-cleaning team at no additional charge. Our intention is to promote and use effective, non-toxic, biodegradable and naturally-derived safe agents, along with low-impact processes to make homes sparkle, and to support customers in achieving simpler lifestyles that are richer and earth-friendlier.

So what eco-friendly products do you use?

Majority of our cleaners use efficient method cleaning products, however we have other cleaners that preferably go the other route of using eco green cleaning products, such as Green Works products. If you have a special request please let us know and we can try to accommodate you. In most cases, we have customers provide us with their preferred green cleaning products.

Please note that we DO NOT charge extra for this service. This is not industry standard!

BTS Cleaning specializes in eco-friendly cleaning and maid services. Our services take green cleaning to new heights, and we do it all with a holistic approach. Your place will never look or feel better. Our professional cleaners will take care of all your special needs and ensure that your home is treated with the utmost care, including green cleaning those hard to reach areas.


If you have additional questions about this service, please feel free to contact us via email or on our social media outlets.